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Bullseye Hand Lantern

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Made around the 1870's, this painted sheet-metal hand lantern was used by police, watchmen, and the military from the 1880's to the 1920's.   

The loop handles on the back of the lantern fold down when not in use. The Christmas tree vent at the top was designed to direct smoke out of the face of the user.  The lantern has a lever in the base that operates a sliding inside door that can be used to dim or reduce the amount of light shining through the lens without having to extinguish the lantern burner or candle.

Condition: Good used. There is no burner in this lamp.  On the reverse, the clip between the loop handles is missing.  The lens has scratches and pinholes which do not go through both sides of the lens. There is a dent in the metal on the top edge of the open door that is not visible when the door is latched. No makers mark is visible. See photos for details.

Height – 8"
Width - 3.5"
Depth - 4.5"
Diameter of lens – 3"
Diameter of base - 3.5"
Weight - 430 grams