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CNR Hiram L. Piper Adlake Kero Brakeman's Lantern

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A piece of Canadian history!  This vintage Canadian National Railway lantern was made by the Hiram L. Piper Co. Ltd. and has a lovely ribbed amber globe.

Burner is a No. 400, and is stamped "Use Long Time Burning Oil Only". The amber globe is stamped only with a notation for the top.

Condition: used (lots of soot!). One break in section of wire frame base. Minor chipping on bottom of globe. Note: this is a vintage piece with wear, meant for decorative use only.

Height (base to top of chimney) - 9 1/2"

Height (base to top of handle) - 16 1/2" 
Diameter at base - 6"  

Weight - 1.1 kg