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G.T.R. Rotating Tri-Colour Railroad Lantern

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A unique galvinized railway lamp stamped G.T.R. (Grand Trunk Railway). Opening the front and releasing the catch at the back of the lamp, then turning the lantern's handle rotates an internal cylinder with three windows - red glass, blue glass or an open panel  (which would have originally held clear glass) to access the lantern's wick. The removable burner is on a slide mount, and features a shiny back reflector.

Condition - The non-galvanized portions of this lantern (top, including handle) are rusted. Red and green glass panels are intact, but clear glass panel is lost to time!  The cylinder moves well and the burner is easily removable. The GTR stamp is faintly visible on the handle. No other manufacturer's markings are visible.

Height (base to top of fixed handle) - 12.25"
Width - 5.5"
Diameter (at base) - 4.25"
Weight - 1.9 kg