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Lucas Calcia Cadet Carbide Bicycle Lamp

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This early nickel-plated metal bicycle lamp was made in the 1920's by the Joseph Lucas Company in Birmingham, England.  Lucas manufactured lamps for ships and coaches, and later for cars, motorcycles and bicycles, as well as automotive electrical components.

The top of the lamp is marked "Lucas Calcia Cadet, and the base is marked "This lamp is fully protected by letters, patent". The side of the lamp has a horizontal fill line with text that reads "Do not fill carbide above this groove". The burner is marked Lucas and Bray 371 Finax Cycle 7L 15.

Like all carbide lamps the lamp base would be filled with calcium carbide, while the top of the lamp would hold water.  Water dripping onto the calcium carbide in the lower chamber produced a chemical reaction which generated acetylene gas, which could be lit to provide a bright flame.  A screw at the top of the lamp regulated the amount of water entering the carbide chamber.   

Condition: Good used. This was a working lamp, and has dents, rust and scratches, including a dent to the Lucas logo on the top of the lens. The large glass lens at the front and green side lenses are intact. The lens portion slides easily off the body. See pictures for condition.


Height – 5.75"
Width from mount to lens – 6"
Diameter at base – 2"

Weight - 389 grams