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Napa Soda Springs Match Safe

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An antique souvenir from the producers of Napa Soda at their natural springs in California.  While the resort closed in 1944, Napa Soda bottling continued into the 1950's. This metal match safe likely dates between 1890 and 1910.

One side is inscribed "Compliments of Napa Soda Springs California".  The reverse side is marked "Insist On Getting Jackson's Napa-Soda Water".  The reverse side looks like it might have been painted red when it was new.

Condition: fair, used.  This pocket item has been well loved and has dents, scratches and paint reside on one side. One side seam is out of alignment but the hinged top opens and closes easily.

Height - 2.75"
Width - 1.5"
Depth - 0.25"
Weight - 38 grams