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Premier Lamp and Engineering Co "Crestella" Carbide Railway Lantern

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This Premier "Crestella" Carbide Miners / Railway Lamp was made by the Premier Lamp and Engineering Co in Leeds, England around 1910. These lanterns were made for use in railways and mines, and by contractors.

Premier Lamp and Engineering Co was established 1907. Incorporated as a Limited Co. 1913.

The side of the lamp has two plaques. The first rectangular plate is marked Reg'd No. 878136, formerly 686127, and a "Fill to this mark" line. The second round metal tag has the logo of the company (an owl with a lamp in the foreground), and is marked The Premier Lamp and Engineering Co Ltd, Leeds and Crestella, England.

Like all carbide lamps the base would be filled with calcium carbide, while the top of the lamp would hold water. Water dripping onto the calcium carbide in the lower chamber produced a chemical reaction which generated acetylene gas, which could be lit to provide a bright flame. A winged screw at the top of the lamp regulated the amount of water entering the carbide chamber.

Condition: Amazing - never used. There is a slight warp to the bottom base plate on one side.  See pictures for condition.

Height (base to top of handle) – 12"
Width (body to front of lens) – 7"
Diameter at base – 6"

Weight - 1.72 kg