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Brass Candlestick and Glass Peg Oil Lamp

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Made around the 1870's, this elegant brass candlestick brass lamp has a blown glass  peg font.  

Candlestick peg oil lamps are a terrific example of recycling, originating from the 1860's onward when kerosene came into use, and beautiful candlestick holders were repurposed into oil lamps with the addition of a glass oil fount with a peg at its bottom that fit snugly into the space formerly occupied by a candle.

Condition: Good used. There is a 1.5" imperfection in the blown glass font, some nicks to the top of the candlestick (likely made when the metal and glass peg were attached), tarnishing and light scratching. See photos for details.

Height (base to collar) – 10.5"
Height (base to top of chimney - 18.25"
Width of base – 4"
Depth of base - 3"

Weight - 700 grams