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C.H. Crane Charcoal Box Iron

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Made in Wolverhampton, England at the Crane Foundry between the early 1900's and the late 1920's, this heavy beauty still features its original gold paint designs,  curved brass identifying plate under the wooden handle, and grate.

Charcoal box irons were heated by glowing charcoal that was inserted into the bottom compartment. The chimney at the front allowed the smoke to escape, and an adjustable vent at the back allowed the user to control the amount of air coming into the box to keep the charcoal glowing.

Condition - very good.  Some minor chipping to the wood handle.  See photos for more detail.

Height (base to top of chimney - 9"
Length - 8"
Width (at base) - 4.5"
Weight - 3.9 kg

About the manufacturer - Operating in 1827 in Wolverhampton, the foundry was originally known as Atherton’s Foundry and run by James Atherton and Henry Crane. By 1836 Henry Crane had taken control of the business, and was registered in 1847 as the Crane Foundry with its own distinctive registered trademark.  Originally producing weights, the company expanded into money chests, sad, heater box and charcoal irons, and other metal household products.  In 1945, the foundry was sold, and in 1949 it was renamed Qualcast (Wolverhampton) Limited.