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Small Wood-Handled Charcoal Box Iron

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Made in the early 1900's, this tiny beauty has a smooth, wooden semi-circular handle, and was likely used to iron collars and cuffs.  

Charcoal box irons were heated by glowing charcoal that was inserted into the bottom compartment. To keep the charcoal glowing (and the heat coming!), the user would periodically have to swing the iron around to keep air flow coming through the sides and top vents.

Condition - good. The pin on the back hinge has snapped on both sides, however it  still fits snugly into the base and the iron can be lifted by the handle with the front latch secured.  The handle has wear and one scratch, but the beautiful wood grain is still in evidence.  There is a chip in the iron base at the corner.  All iron components show rust. See photos for more detail.

Height (base to highest part of handle) - 6.25"
Length - 5.25"
Width (at base) - 2.5"
Weight - 832 grams