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E.T. Wright "Wrightlight" Original Globe for a No. 3 Lantern

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Made between 1913 and 1920, this E.T. Wright glass globe was made specifically for their No. 3 Wrightlight short globe lantern. The globe is marked Wrightlight, E.T. Wright & Co, H, in raised glass. 

Typical of earlier glass globes, it has a slight purple cast and glows pale yellow under blacklight, typical of glass manufactured with manganese, which was used as a de-colourizer in clear glass up until the 1920's.  

Condition: Good used. Minor chipping on the top lip which would not be visible when mounted on lamp. Globe has bubbles from manufacturing process (common in older glass manufacturing).

Height - 5"
Diameter (at base) – 3"
Diameter (at top) - 3.75"
Weight - 305 grams