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Farador 1918 "Medical" Device

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A rare find from 1918, the Farador home oxygenator device is a fantastic example of antique medical fraud. It was made by The Farador Company based in Bridgeburg, Ontario and Buffalo, NY.  

Described by its manufacturer as "a thermo-magnetic instrument having a powerful influence over disease".   Its claims become even more fantastical in the box insert - claiming of its use in the treatment of colic, constipation, neuralgia, fever, pneumonia, meningitis, vomiting, convulsions, blood poisoning, etc, etc, all at home - no need for doctor's visits!

Sold from 1913 - 1929, people could rent the Farador for $10 a month in 1919 - the equivalent of $202 in 2023.  

Inside the original dovetailed wooden box, there's  an instruction book, a letter from W. Edgar Emman (the sales representative for the Farador Company in PEI) to the renter of the device, and a receipt for one-month's rental.  

The device supposedly worked by submersing the cylinder in cold water (or even more effectively, ice water), then attaching a "treating plate" to both a wrist and ankle (using an elasticized belt).

Body of device is marked Trademark Farador, Patented May 19, 1914; June 15, 1915; Nov 30, 1915 and Sole Maker The Farador 00, 21273.

Condition: Very good.  Some wear on the elastic belts, and scratches to the finish to the wooden box.

Length - 8.75"
Height - 4" 
Depth - 4"

Length - 7"
Diameter at widest point - 2.25"

Weight - 1.14 kg