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Harry Eliott, Two Fox Hunting Scenes, Stencil/Silkscreen on paper, Signed in the Print

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Artist: Harry Eliott, French (1882 - 1959), born Charles Edmond Hermet was a French painter, cartoonist and illustrator. Eliott was the son of a lithographer. An Anglophile, he took up an English pseudonym at an early age and lived in England for a while. As an artist he is best known for his humorous stenciled prints, and hunting scenes in the Victorian style and was one of a number of French Dickens illustrators active in the 1930s. Source: Wikipedia

Title: Fox Hunting Scenes

Description: These art prints are stencil technique printed on paper. There are no telltale signs of photomechanical reproduction processes. Artist signature is in the lower left hand corner. The scenes show the artist's background as a humorist illustrator, depicting the terror in the faces of the local folks by the horsemen in one of the works, or the humiliating fall of one of the hunters in the other. 

Condition: Prints are in fine condition no visible stains or blemishes. Frames are in good condition, with few dents and chips.

Measurements: Frame, approx. 17.5 x 7.5 x 3/4 inches.