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Lion Head Glass and Brass Pedestal Oil Lamp

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A short glass fount antique lamp with a smooth brass stem and rough textured metal base. 

The fount is made from two sets of pressed glass: one ribbed glass piece encircling the brass collar, and the fount, which is composed of four pressed glass panels.

The glass fount features four moulded lion faces, interspersed with acid etched floral designs.

Banner burner, with wick control button marked "P&A Mfg Co: Waterbury, Conn, Made in U.S.A." 

Condition: Good used. See photos for points mentioned below.

  1. Acid etched floral designs between the lion heads are much fainter on one side of the lamp than the other.
  2. The screw connecting the base to the fount has been replaced and a circular metal piece (repurposed from Pabst Blue Ribbon beer can!) shores up the underside of the lamp where the stem connects to the base. 
  3. The metal base has been painted on multiple occasions.


Height to the top of the collar – 8"
Height to the top of the chimney – 17"
Diameter of base – 5.5"

Weight - 576 grams.