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OSMEKA Carbide Railroad Lantern

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A great vintage, painted brass carbide railroad lamp, made in Germany by OSMEKA (OSnabrücker MEtallwerke J. KAmpschulte). 

It could be carried by hand or hung by its back hook onto a train.  The front panel would have originally had clear glass, while the panels on each side have doors that open to display either a red or blue/green glass panel.  The removable burner with its back reflector is accessible via an access panel on the back of the lantern.  

The lantern is marked with the OSMEKA logo and 1957.  The burner's water tank is marked with Osnabrücker Metallwerke, J. Kampschulte & Co., Osnabrük, DB, 1951, and features a finger loop attached to the back to make it easy to remove. The carbide cup at the base of the burner is stamped with a circular mark containing the same information as the water tank but date stamped 1953.

Condition: Fair used. The red and blue glass panels are intact, but clear glass front panel is lost to time! This is a vintage piece with rust, wear to paint finish and scratches, and is meant for decorative use only. See photos.

Height to the top of the handle – 10.5"
Height to the rounded top of the lantern – 8.5"
Width at base – 3.75"
Depth at base - 3.25
Weight - 1.5 kg