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Royal Winton Grimwades Blue Paisley Ivory Pattern Tea Set

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A lovely English tea set, including a very unusual tea pot with a metal spout, an open sugar bowl, four cups and saucers, four dessert plates, and one large serving plate.

There is a mystery here - can you see it?  While it's almost impossible to tell from the pictures or even with the set in front of you, the teapot and the rest of the set was not made by the same company.

The usual teapot with a stubby metal spout (marketed at the time as the first non-drip teapot!) was made by G. M. Creyke & Sons in the 1920's.  George Marshall Creyke was a former metal mounter turned pottery decorator.  

The cups and saucers, the plates and the sugar bowl were made by Royal Winton Grimwades and date to 1920-1930.

All of the china in this set were made in Stoke-on-Trent, England.

Condition: China is in good used condition. Cups and saucers - one cup has a chip on the outer edge of the lip near the handle (see photo). Three of four cups have crazing on the inside, and on the bottom of the saucers. Plates - all have crazing on the underside. Teapot - some wear on lid, one minor crack on underside of lid. Sugar bowl - crazing on inside and bottom.

Serving plate - 8 3/4" in diameter 
Side plates - 6 1/8" in diameter
Cups - 3 1/4" in diameter at the top
Saucers - 5 1/2" in diameter
Teapot - 6" long, 4 1/4" wide, 4" high.
Sugar bowl - 4 1/4" long, 4" wide.

Weight - 2.514 kg