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Royal Winton Grimwades Tiger Lily Coffee Set

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An amazing 1950's Royal Winton Grimwades Tea/Coffee set in the Tiger Lily pattern (#5802).  This sunny yellow china grouping includes a coffee pot (which could also be used for tea), a pitcher, two matching yellow demitasse cups, an open sugar bowl, and a cake plate, all gold rimmed.  

Condition:  Great.  Crazing on all pieces as expected for its age.  No chips or cracks. The cake plate is slightly lighter in colour than the other pieces.

Dimensions - 

Coffee pot:
Height (from base to top of finial) - 7.5"
Base diameter - 3.25"
Width (from spout to handle edge) - 7.5"

Height - 5.25"
Base diameter - 3.25"
Width (at widest point from spout to handle) - 7"

Open sugar bowl:
Height - 1.75"
Diameter (at base) - 2.25"
Diameter (at top) - 3.5"

Demitasse cups:
Height - 2.5"
Base diameter - 1.5"
Width (including handle) - 3.75" 

Demitasse saucer:  
Diameter - 4.75"

Cake plate:
Width - 9.75"
Height - 9.25"

Weight (all pieces combined) - 1.94kg